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Can only be purchased for your FIRST TIMER!

Includes day pass, rental, and lesson. 


IMPORTANT: Your lessons are NOT automatically scheduled. After buying your First Timer Lesson Special, please visit (We recommend you CMD+Click or CTRL+Click the link right now to bring it up in a new tab when buying) to schedule a time or times that work best for you.


Teach your family to ski quickly so you can all have more fun on the snow together. Available for only families of four or more.

Get personalized instruction at the most granular level so you can up your game and enjoy every ski day more.


Family Private First-Timer Lesson (Half Day) *4-8 Family Memebers

  • If needing to cancel or reschedule lesson, we need at least 24 hour notice otherwise a cancellation fee of $20 per person will be invoiced and due before able to take next lesson.

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