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IMPORTANT: Your lessons are NOT automatically scheduled. After buying this product, please visit (We recommend you CMD+Click or CTRL+Click the link right now to bring it up in a new tab when buying) to schedule a time or times that work best for you.


Get comfortable on the snow or get your children a lesson so they can ski better with you or on their own. Lessons group up to 6 people of similar abilities with an instructor for a fun-filled half-day on the snow. 


  • 4X Full-day group lesson 
  • Lessons are transferrable so may be used for multiple individuals


NOTE: These group lessons don't include ski rental or ski pass.

For an all-inclusive package that also bundles in rentals and a season pass upon completion, check out the Super Pack for Beginners or for Intermediate skiers.


4-pack Full-Day Group Lessons (6 Years & Up)

  • If needing to cancel or reschedule lesson, we need at least 24 hour notice otherwise a cancellation fee of $20 per person will be invoiced and due before able to take next lesson.

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